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Brewery Tours Re-Start

Game of Stones - a summer golden ale
One of the brewery's appropriately named beers!

I am delighted to announce that from the 30th October Wadworth Brewery will be re-starting their public tours of the brewery. The Wadworth Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in the region, dating back to 1875. They still make their beer in a tower brewery that was built during the Victorian times and they are one of the few breweries in the country to still deliver their beer by horse and cart to the pubs in the local vicinity. Their 2 hour brewery tour is a great way to learn about the different stages of the brewing process for beer. Their expert residential guide will take you around the brewery to show you the different stages and it ends with a tasting of their most popular beers - including the one which my Dad would always order after playing a football match!

For now the tour is only being offered on a Friday and a Saturday and the size of the public brewery tour has been reduced to a maximum number of 6 people. I suspect more spaces and days will become available in 2021 as the world gets to grips with beating the coronavirus. I offer a day-trip from Bath which includes their brewery tour as well as my tour of a very famous monument which is nearby - Stonehenge. The brewery aptly named one of their beers after the nearby mystical stone circles! Sightseeing and beer - for some: the perfect combination! As I will be driving you can take full advantage of the tasting session as well as the brewery shop should you wish to stock up on some refreshing beers! Due to the limited number of tickets available for the brewery tour please contact me before booking the tour so that I can first check availability. For more information on my Stonehenge and Brewery tour please click here.

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