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Clocks are changing!

Wells cathedral clock by Bath Insider Tours
British time can be confusing! The ancient clock at Wells Cathedral

Tomorrow, Sunday 31st March, the clocks in the UK will be changing to British Summertime. The clocks go forward so 9am, for example, will become 10am. If you are sightseeing around Britain sadly this will mean that you will lose an hours sleep tonight! On the plus side it will give you an extra hour of sunlight to see our beautiful country!

A few days ago, the EU Parliament voted to remove the daylight saving changes from 2021 so this could be one of the last years that this happens.

On the subject of clocks, did you know that here in the West Country you can see the world's oldest working clock? The clock is kept at the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral. I have taken a number of visitors to see it (as well as the famous Magna Carta which is kept within the cathedral) so if you are interested in seeing this do let me know and I can put a tour together for you. The world's 2nd oldest working clock can be found inside the Wells Cathedral and is a lot more decorative than the one at Salisbury (see the photo above). At first glance you may wonder how you can tell the time from it! If you are intrigued then I can tell you more about it on my Wells & Cheddar tour ( where we visit the delightful cathedral as well as visit the birth-place of the famous Cheddar cheese. In the meantime enjoy the extra hour of sunlight!

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