Last updated: 14th June 2021

The UK Government has a road-map in place for the relaxation of the COVID restrictions in England. Key points impacting visitors are:

From the 17th May - All holiday accommodations can open for overnight stays e.g. hotels, guest-houses. Restaurants, pubs & cafes can open indoor sections. Indoor entertainment and attractions able to re-open e.g. theatres, cinemas, museums. Group sizes for gatherings will still be limited (outdoors: max. 30 people, indoors: max. 6 people or 2 households plus support bubbles). International travel possible, depending on the country (see below).

From the 19th July  - most remaining COVID restrictions removed e.g. the limits on numbers for large events. This may be brought forward subject to progress against the coronavirus.

With the re-opening of the hospitality industry the visitors experience in Bath and the local area will be close to "back-to-normal" from May 17th. Social distancing and face-coverings for the indoors & transport will continue for the foreseeable future and if you would like to visit a museum or attraction: many will still require pre-booking for specific time-slots so please do make enquiries before making your plans.

Entry requirements for international visitors: From May 17th the entry requirements for entering England will depend upon where you have been in the last 10 days. Countries are either on a green, amber or red list depending on factors such as the percentage of the population that have been vaccinated and the rate of infection. These lists are updated every 3 weeks but can be changed without warning. For an up-to-date list please visit the UK Government website here:


If your departing country is on the green list and you have not been to a country/territory which is on the amber/red list in the last 10 days - you do not need to quarantine when you enter England. You will need to take a COVID-19 test before you depart your country and take a COVID-19 test on day 2 of your arrival in England - this test must be booked and paid for before departing your country. If these tests prove negative you can continue your holiday uninterrupted.

If you have been in a country/territory on the amber list in the last 10 days you will need to quarantine upon arrival in England at the first place that you are staying - for 10 days. You will also need to take a COVID-19 test before departing your country and book and pay for a COVID-19 test on day 2 and on/after day 8 of your arrival in England. If these tests prove negative you can continue your holiday after your 10 day quarantine has finished. You may be able to finish this quarantine early through the UK Government's Test To Release Scheme. This scheme allows you to take a private test on your 5th full day in England. If the results from this test prove negative you will no longer need to quarantine - but you will still need to do the test on day 8.

If you have been in a country/territory on the red list in the last 10 days you are not allowed to enter England unless you are a British or Irish National or you have residence rights in the UK. All such residents will need to pre-book a quarantine hotel package and quarantine in this hotel upon arrival.

For full details and the latest information on entry requirements into England please visit the UK Government website here:

Would you like to see a live virtual tour of Bath whilst you are unable to travel? I am running live virtual tours of Bath which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Please message me for details. 

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Bath Insider Tours has been awarded the "We're Good to Go" certification by the National Tourism Board of England to recognise it is following government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has appropriate measures in place. This certification is recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council for meeting its global standardised health and hygiene protocols. Bath Insider Tours is good to go and I am looking forward to showing visitors around once again!

All of my tours, except the new 2 hour public walking tour, are private which gives you the advantage and reassurance of being just you and your family/friends on the tour.

If you are booking a tour please be aware:

  • All tours requiring transport will use a private, licensed vehicle which will have been cleaned for your tour. It will be just you, your family/friends and I in the vehicle.

  • All guests are asked to wear a face-covering when they are inside the vehicle, I will also be wearing a face-covering in the vehicle. If you do not have a face-covering I will provide disposable ones.

  • Face-coverings are not required when we are outdoors but if you prefer to wear one please do. I will have a face-visor with me which I will wear if you would like me to.

  • For my 2 hour public walking tour I will encourage and help guests to adopt appropriate social distancing between different households. To assist with this I have limited the group size of this public tour to 10 people.

  • Hand-sanitiser is available for all tours.

  • Attractions are restricting visitor numbers and all visits have to be pre-booked for a specific time-slot. If this applies to your tour (e.g. Stonehenge tours) I will book your tickets and the appropriate time-slot upon receipt of your booking. Please ensure that you are ready for pick-up at the start time specified for your tour.

  • Attractions have introduced their own measures to allow them to safely re-open. Where appropriate I have highlighted these on the individual tour page.

  • To support the NHS Test and Trace I am required to ask you for a contact number. This data along with your name will be kept on record for 21 days. During this time it will only be shared with the NHS Test and Trace if it is required to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • If you or a member of your group are feeling unwell before the tour please call me to cancel the tour. All tours that are cancelled up to an hour before the start time of the tour will receive a full refund minus any 3rd party costs that have already been incurred (e.g. card transaction fee, admission tickets).

The above measures will remain in place until the UK Government and Industry COVID-19 advice deem that they are no longer necessary.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to
contact me.

COVID-19 Certificate for Bath Insider Tours