Below are a list of websites which you may find useful when planning your trip to Bath. Bath Insider Tours is not responsible for the content of these websites but hopefully they will help you!

Visit Bath:

- Visit Bath is the official tourist website for Bath. On their website you can find details on events, accommodation and restaurants in the city of Bath.

Thermae Bath Spa:

- The Thermae Bath Spa offers visitors to Bath (& residents) the chance to enjoy the city's hot springs. The highlight for many is the outdoor rooftop pool! Bath Insider Tours Tip: If you book a massage you have an allotted entrance time so you do not need to join the main queue to enter. The best time to visit are weekdays as weekends can be very busy. Make sure you take your swimwear! Towels and robes are provided.

Roman Baths Museum:

- One of the most famous museums and attraction in Bath. You can see the preserved remains of the Roman spa and should you wish: try a cup of Bath's famous hot springs water! Bath Insider Tours Tip: If you book your ticket at least the day before - you will save 10% on the entrance price and be able to skip any queue that is outside the building.

National Rail:

- If you plan to use the railway during your visit this is the national railway website which has the timetables for all the railway journeys in the country. It also shows ticket prices. Bath Insider Tours Tip: It can be considerably cheaper to book your ticket in advance - however you may be restricted to the time of the trains you select and if you miss these your ticket is no longer valid - do check the conditions on the ticket category.


- Kayak is a global travel search site where you can find deals on flights, accommodation and car rentals. The above link will take you to their hotels page in Bath.