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Bath Christmas Market

Bath Christmas Market
The Bath Christmas Market - photo courtesy of Visit Bath

The city of Bath is starting to look very festive! This Thursday, the 28th November, the annual Bath Christmas Market will open. Over 150 chalets will line the streets in and around the Bath Abbey Courtyard and the famous shopping street of Milsom Street will once again be closed to traffic as the market extends into the north of the city centre.

Businesses from Bath and the local region will be selling their produce ranging from local handicrafts to Christmas decorations, clothing, jewelry and local produce such as wine, cider, ale and spirits - offering great Christmas present opportunities! There will also be food and drink stalls to keep you going as you browse through the stalls. On certain days you may also find a choir or a Brass Band entertaining the crowds.

The Christmas market runs from Thursday 28th November to Sunday 15th December. If you are in Bath during this time you won't be able to miss it! The market opens at 10am and closes at 6pm on Sundays, 7pm on Monday - Wednesday and 8pm Thursday - Saturday.

The Bath Christmas Market is one of the country's most popular markets so if you are in Bath during this time please be aware that the city centre gets crowded during this time - particularly during the day. First thing in the morning and weekdays are often the best time to experience the market. If you are staying in Bath I would also recommend booking your restaurants in advance. Bath has some wonderful restaurants but a number of these are small. Of course - you could always sample the food stalls in the Christmas market instead!

There is a website for the Bath Christmas Market where you can get more information on the market as well as a map of the market. To visit this please click here.

In addition to the market, the annual pop-up ice-skating rink will be returning to Royal Victoria Park where you can enjoy ice-skating on a small outdoor rink. The rink is open every day, except Christmas Day, until the 5th January. For more information please click here.

If you are visiting Bath for the Christmas market and you would like to get a better appreciation for the city then check out my Classic City Tour which will give you a great introduction to the city. Alternatively - if you would like to take a break from the crowds of the Christmas market then make sure you check out my tours to destinations outside of Bath e.g. Stonehenge, charming villages - there is something for everyone!

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