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Bath gets snow!

 Bath in snow
Bath gets a dusting of snow, January 24th 2021

I am delighted to be able to write about something other than the coronavirus! Today Bath got its first proper snow of the winter. Guests often ask me if we get snow here in Bath. We do, but it is not very common. We may get snow once or twice or a year and when it does snow it tends to be measured by cms and inches and only lasts for a few days! Of course that is still ample excuse for the public transport to suffer delays and schools to shut! Due to its novelty factor, when it snows, kids and families immediately make the most of it and head outside to make snowmen before the snow melts. With the hills around Bath our city's children are very fortunate to have lots of places to go sledging! On my walk today I could hear the cries of laughter and joy as children made the most of the snow we had. Given that we rarely get snow I was impressed with the standard of some of the snowmen I saw! I have included a selection below along with some photos from my walk in the snow - I hope you like them!

Snowman with bowler hat in Bath
An English Snowman - he just needed a briefcase and an umbrella to make him complete!
Snow rabbit in Bath!
Snow rabbit or a frozen Easter Bunny - you decide!
Photo-bombed by a snowman in Bath!
Photo-bombed by a snowman!
Bridgerton Lady Danbury house in snow
Fans of Bridgerton may recognise this building! Lady Danbury needed to wrap up warm today!
Bladud in snow
A very famous figure and pig in Bath get a new friend! You can find out more about them on one of my tours!

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