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Bath - UNESCO World Heritage City

Bath UNESCO World Heritage City
The UNESCO symbol displayed in Bath

Bath was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. It joined other sites throughout the world that UNESCO has identified as being of outstanding value to humanity when it comes to cultural and natural heritage - something us Bathonians are very proud about!

There were several reasons why Bath was awarded this status. Its Roman remains, 18th Century architecture and hot springs (the only ones in the country) are perhaps the most obvious reasons. Lesser known reasons are its 18th Century town planning, social setting and landscape setting.

In 2020 a World Heritage Centre will open in the city to help visitors discover these reasons. Before then you can of course find out more on one of my Bath City walking tours or my Hot Springs Experience tour that visits the Roman Baths and allows you to sample the hot springs for yourself!

The 18th April is World Heritage Day. In Bath we will be celebrating this with free activities, talks and guided walks at Green Park Station. Focusing on Bath's architectural and engineering achievements the event is suitable for all ages. For more information, please visit the Bath World Heritage website by clicking here.

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