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Coronavirus Update

Light at the end of the tunnel by Bath Insider Tours
Light at the end of the tunnel

Yesterday evening the UK Government announced that the current lock-down will continue for another 3 weeks. A decision is expected to be taken on May 7th on whether this will be extended or if restrictions can be relaxed.

Bath Insider Tours will be re-starting its tour as soon as the Government advice permits it. Until then please do not hesitate to get in touch with enquiries for future trips. We will all need something to look forward to when this is over!

Yesterday afternoon on my "once-a-day exercise" which we are permitted here in the UK, I came across this abandoned tunnel in the countryside. Walking through it - it reminded me of the famous saying "There is light at the end of the tunnel" - which I thought was very apt for our current situation. The world will get through this. There are already glimmers of light. Cases here in the UK appear to be plateauing and other countries are starting to relax their restrictions. I can't wait until this has all passed and people are once again able to enjoy the wonders of travelling :)

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