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Extra activities for visitors to Stonehenge over Easter

Moving the stones at Stonehenge by Bath Insider Tours
Are you as strong as the people of the Stone Age era?!

Between Friday April 12th and Sunday 28th April, visitors at Stonehenge can enjoy events and demonstrations ranging from learning how to make neolithic pottery, flint knapping, bronze casting, how to make prehistoric jewelry, neolithic life skills and my favourite: a chance to move a 4-ton stone using a wooden sledge so that you can get a feel for what it was like to build Stonehenge back in the prehistoric times!

The activities are being organised for the Easter holiday and will be a great addition for families visiting this famous historic site.

For more information and details please visit the English Heritage website by clicking here. These activities can be enjoyed during my private Stonehenge half-day tours. Who would like to join me in trying to pull a 4-ton stone using a wooden sledge?!

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