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Happy Birthday to our Queen!

The Queen's visit to Bath in 2002

Today, the 21st April, is the 94th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. She is the longest reigning living monarch in the world.

Did you know: the Queen has 2 birthdays. Her actual birthday (today) and the 2nd Saturday in June which is for the public celebration of her birthday. The public celebration is marked by the famous "Trooping The Colour" parade in London. Our Kings and Queens have been celebrating 2 birthdays for over 250 years. The tradition dates back to King George II who wanted to have a big public celebration for his birthday. As his birthday was in November there was concern about how the weather may impact this; so it was decided to combine his public birthday celebrations with an annual military parade that took place in the summer - and that is how the tradition started!

The Queen has visited Bath on a number of occasions. The photo on the left is of the Mayor's Guest Book when she visited in 2002 for her Golden Jubilee. Bath has an interesting story relating to the Kings and Queens of this country. Come on one of my tours of Bath and I will tell you more!

Until then - Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II!

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