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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my past, present and future guests. I hope you have a wonderful time over the festive season with your loved ones.

Bath has been looking very festive with its Christmas trees and its famous historic buildings being lit up at night. With the darker afternoons it has been very atmospheric for my guests as we have been strolling around Bath. To give you a taste of what it has been like here are some photos I took ...

On the 21st December I took some guests to Stonehenge. They were fortunate to be visiting the site on the Winter Solstice which stones at Stonehenge were specifically aligned for. In the afternoon we got to see modern druids and spiritualists carry out some rituals to mark the occasion and one lady welcomed in the setting sun with some music...

There is evidence of big feasting during the pre-historic times at the Winter Solstice and I am sure there will be plenty of feasting over the Christmas season this year! I hope you all enjoy some festive treats over Christmas and let us all raise a glass for a more "normal" New Year with lots of great and memorable experiences. Happy Christmas everyone :)

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