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Mysterious blue orb spotted at Stonehenge!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Unusual blue orb spotted during Stonehenge tour by Bath Insider Tours
Mysterious blue orb spotted at Stonehenge

Over the weekend I took a group of American tourists on a tour of Stonehenge. At one of my favourite places for taking photos of Stonehenge I joined the Americans in taking some photos with my phone. It wasn't until after the tour when I had returned to Bath that I realised my phone had captured something that had not been visible to the naked eye - a mysterious blue orb!

A couple of months ago whilst doing a tour around Glastonbury I met someone who told me about the existence of energy orbs which

Mysterious light seen at the Heel Stone during a tour of Stonehenge by Bath Insider Tours
Blue orb in front of the Heel Stone at Stonehenge

he told me can be found at ancient spiritual

sites. Was this one of these energy orbs? The sun was strong so perhaps it was just my lens reacting to the light. The orb did reveal itself at other places in Stonehenge as shown by this photo but again there was strong light. Stonehenge is known for being a site of great energy which attracts modern-age druids and their followers.

Energy orb or a camera glitch - I will let you make up your own mind on what it was!

Bath Insider Tours offers half-day and full-day tours to Stonehenge - including the unique chance to go inside the stone circle. For more information and a chance to perhaps see energy orbs please click here!

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3 comentarios

01 abr 2023

We also got 2 pictures of the blue orb from our trip there in March 2023! My husband and I were standing side by side and both took the same picture with our IPhones. We noticed the orb once we got home and definitely did not see it there. It showed up in both of our pics. I think it’s fascinating!


Atlanta, GA USA

Me gusta

27 jun 2021

I have orbs in camping photos i took alone while my husband slept. This is the only time during our trip that i wore my late grandmas boots. I set up my tripod and realized the orb later after we came home. Google told me it was the arch angel. My son (8) has recently been hearing voices. No medical reasons found. So we consulted a medium as i have always had a sense of spirits being with me since i was about 7. the medium confirmed my thoughts without me mentioning it. Ive known my grandma and aunt we clairvoyants but gma had an aneurism when i was 3 so she didn’t converse very often. She did tell my…

Me gusta

27 feb 2021

I have pics of the same blue orb from my visit to stonehenge. I usedmy iphone, and the orb definitely was not seen by the naked eye. I also use the live setting on my phones camera. So when you see it, it is moving around. this was in 2018.

we took the early dawn tour which enabled us to walk inside the circle.

Happy to supply pics.




Me gusta
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