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National Lockdown in England

Lockdown in Mendoza, Argentina in 2008!
Lockdown in Mendoza, Argentina in 2008!

The UK Government has approved a second national lockdown in England as part of its coronavirus strategy. Starting from the 5th November, people in England are encouraged to stay at home and non-essential businesses will be closed. Museums in Bath such as the Roman Baths and the Holburne museum will be closed and a number of hotels and guest-houses will also be closed. Restaurants and pubs that remain open will only be able to offer food and drink for take-away.

The national lockdown is expected to remain in place for 4 weeks. For more information on the restrictions in place please visit the UK Government website here.

In light of the lockdown I will not be operating tours during this time (5th November - 2nd December). I will however remain open for enquiries and future bookings. Thankfully my lockdown will not resemble the photo in this post! The photo has an interesting (non-criminal related!) story which you can ask me about on one of my tours! Until then stay safe and roll on the day when these restrictions are a thing of the past.

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