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Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour

Stonehenge shadows
A picture taken inside the stone circle at Stonehenge.

Earlier this week Stonehenge released the tickets for their Stonehenge Inner Circle experiences in 2024.

During a normal tour at Stonehenge it is not possible to go inside the ancient stone circle. Not many people realise however that there are ways to go inside ... legal ways!

Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour Trilithon

You can either visit Stonehenge at sunrise on the Equinoxes or Solstices (but be prepared to be joined by potentially thousands of people) or you can do the more intimate Stonehenge Inner Circle experience.

The Stonehenge Inner Circle experience allows up to 30 people to go inside the stone circle when the site is closed to the public. They typically take place after sunrise and before sunset.

The experience is a great way to get up close to these amazing stones which have been standing for thousands of years. You really get an appreciation for the size of the stones when you stand next to them, it makes you wonder how someone could do this back then! You can also see some unusual features which are not possible to see on a normal tour. With just 30 people on the site the experience is a photographer's dream giving you the chance to take home some unique photos and videos.

I have taken numerous guests on a Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour and the experience always puts a smile on my face! If you are interested in an Inner Circle experience at Stonehenge please check out my tour here.

Tickets for the Inner Circle experience sell out months in advance so do enquire as far in advance as possible. Sometimes you may have the choice of an early morning tour or an evening tour. If you are doing an early morning tour I can include an option to stop for breakfast on our return to Bath. I can also customise the tour to include visits to other attractions e.g. Salisbury Cathedral (home to a 1215 Magna Carta), a tour of Bath. Just let me know your interests and I will do my best to provide you with an amazing experience :) For a unique experience at Stonehenge this is it!

Stonehenge sunset
Sunset on an inner circle tour.
Stonehenge Inner Circle Guide Dan
Me on one of my inner circle tours - photo kindly taken by one of my guests!

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