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The Changing Colours of the English Countryside

Poppies in the countryside surrounding Bath
Wild poppies in the fields surrounding Bath

Visitors to England who explore outside of London often remark on how green the country is and the luscious green hills are certainly something that I miss when I travel overseas. Green however is not the only colour that you will experience when touring around the English countryside.

As the months pass there is a remarkable change in the colours on display in England's fields and hills. At the beginning of the year you can see beautiful swathes of blue and white in the woodlands as the bluebells and wild garlic blossom. In the following months fields of bright yellow flowers can be seen as the farmer's crops of rapeseed oil blossom. These patches of yellow then give way to patches of red as wild poppies blossom among the crops and meadows. Travel around the English countryside today and you may still catch glimpses of the wild poppies. Their bright colours are a delight to witness. Ask a guide or a local and they will also tell you about the importance the poppy plays in our culture.

When visiting England do take time to do a tour which passes through the English countryside - it is without doubt one of our country's highlights.

Wild poppies just outside of Bath
A meadow just outside of Bath with wild poppies

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