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The Unique Stonehenge Experience!

Sunset at Stonehenge during an inner circle tour
Sunset at Stonehenge during a unique inner circle tour

Tickets for the special inner circle tours at Stonehenge have now been released for all dates in 2023. These tickets provide visitors with the unique opportunity to go inside the stone circle at Stonehenge, an area that is normally off-limits to the general public. Tickets are restricted to 30 people per session creating an intimate experience which is also amazing for photos! You will get to spend one hour inside and around the stone circle allowing you to see features which are not visible on a normal tour and allowing you to stand right next to the huge magnificent stones that were erected over 4,500 years ago!

The inner circle tours are operated outside of the public opening hours, around sunrise and sunset. As such they can require an early start or a late finish, but with Bath being located just 50 minutes from Stonehenge, Bath is a great place to base yourself to enjoy this experience.

Tickets can sell out months in advance so if you are interested in doing an inner circle tour please contact me, ideally with a number of possible dates, and I will check the availability. Tours cost from £420 for 2 people and tours can be customised to include other sights e.g. Salisbury Cathedral, Bath, Avebury. I have been to Stonehenge over 200 times and it never ceases to impress me! I hope you will be impressed too!

For more information on my Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour please click here.

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