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Clocks are changing in the UK!

Salisbury Clock Tower by Bath Insider Tours
The clock tower in Salisbury

British summer time has arrived! At 1am on Sunday 29th March the clocks will go forward an hour to 2am. It means we will lose an hour's sleep but on the plus side we will get lighter evenings - which, once this pandemic has passed, is great news for tourists! More daylight to see the beauty of Bath and the surrounding area.

British summer time was introduced in 1916. One of the main reasons for its introduction was to help save energy costs during World War 1. The practise is also adopted throughout the rest of Europe - except for Iceland, Belarus and Russia. This is set to change however next year. The EU has taken the decision to stop changing their clocks. EU members will need to decide if they stay on a permanent winter time or a permanent summer time. As the UK has left the EU, time will tell if we decide to follow our EU partners or if we keep to our existing practise of changing the clocks twice a year.

Did you know: the world's oldest working clock and the world's second oldest working clock can be found in 2 cathedrals near Bath: Salisbury Cathedral and Wells Cathedral. Both are believed to have been made near the end of the 1300s.

You can see the Wells clock on my Wells and Cheddar tour where you can also see Europe's oldest residential street as well as visit the birth-place of the famous Cheddar Cheese and England's largest gorge. Salisbury Cathedral is located just 20 minutes from Stonehenge and can be included as part of a customized tour. Salisbury Cathedral also houses one of the few remaining copies of the 1215 Magna Carta. If you would like to visit either of these please get in contact. In the meantime - if you are in the UK - don't forget to adjust your clocks!

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