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Unique Stonehenge Experience

Stonehenge sunrise shadows
As the sun rises above Stonehenge impressive shadows are cast onto the landscape

Last month I had the privilege of running a number of inner circle tours at Stonehenge. These tours give guests the unique experience of being able to go inside the stone circle which is normally off-limits to the public. The experience is done outside of the public opening hours allowing you to enjoy the majestic stones without the crowds. Normally conducted around sunrise and sunset it is a truly magical experience. The sun casts different lights and shadows onto the stones giving you some fantastic photos and I personally enjoy being able to stand right next to the gigantic stones and marvelling at how people thousands of years ago created this incredible monument. During the tour I always accompany my guests to explain what we know about the stones and to point out some of its unusual features. There is plenty of time for photos and should the guests wish - for personal time to soak up the atmosphere. If you are interested in doing this tour please visit my tour page here. It is a unique and incredible way to visit Stonehenge! Below are more photos that I took during my tours in July.

The sun setting behind Stonehenge
The sun setting behind Stonehenge
Sun set at Stonehenge

Sun set at Stonehenge

The sun rises above Britain's most famous monument
The sun rises above Britain's most famous monument
Sun rise and shadows at Stonehenge
As the sun rises the stones cast impressive shadows
Daniel, your private guide at Stonehenge
Many thanks to my guest Andrea for sharing this photo she took of me at the stones!

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