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Coronavirus and Tours

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

With the spread of the coronavirus, holiday-makers may rightly be asking themselves the question - should I travel or not? As an experienced traveller and as someone who has travelled in the last week, I appreciate that this is a difficult question.

The UK Government at this time is not advising against travel within the UK. Here in Bath - apart from some earlier panic-buying, life is continuing as normal. The tourist attractions remain open, people are going to work and school, restaurants and cafes are open. Until the UK Government advises to the contrary - I will continue to welcome visitors to our beautiful city and show them around Bath and our other famous local attractions such as Stonehenge.

It is your holiday and holidays should be about enjoyment. If you are not comfortable travelling during this time then my advice would be to postpone your trip. Otherwise - keep checking Government advice, follow the hygiene advice for washing hands etc. and when you reach Bath, rest assured I shall be here to greet you with a warm friendly smile :)

For the UK Government's information on the coronavirus please click here.

BBC interview with Bath Insider Tours

Bath Insider Tours was interviewed by the BBC on the 10th March about the impact of the virus on tour guides in the region.

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