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Driving to Bath?

Bath has introduced a Clean Air Zone
Bath has introduced a Clean Air Zone

Bath has followed in the footsteps of London and introduced a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in the centre of the city. What does this mean? From today, March 15th, vehicles that are not fitted with a modern "clean" engine may have to pay a daily charge to enter this zone. Payment can be made in advance, on the day or up to 6 days after the journey. The zone covers the city centre and some of the surrounding areas.

If you are driving to Bath - do not worry - for the majority of people these charges will not apply. Private cars and motorbikes are exempt so if you see the Clean Air Zone signs as you enter the city - do not panic! The charges only apply to commercial vehicles, taxis, minibuses, buses, pick-ups, campervans and private heavy good vehicles such as motorhomes or horse transporters. These vehicles will only be charged if they do not have a modern engine. If you would like to check if the charges apply to your vehicle you can do so on the Bath and North East Somerset Council website here.

For more information on the Bath Clean Air Zone, including a map of the zone, please click here.

Whilst the Clean Air Zone can be ignored by many drivers entering Bath - please do not ignore the bus lanes and the time-dependant bus gate in the heart of the city near Waitrose and the Guildhall - these have cameras and you will be caught and fined if you flout these! Drive safe and I hope to meet you one day on one of my tours.

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