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More filming in Bath this week!

Filming at the No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath
The No.1 Royal Crescent Museum is once again being used for filming

This week in Bath has seen another flurry activity for film crews. With the city's beautiful Georgian architecture Bath is a popular place for the movie and TV industry. Gravel can be placed on the roads and cars moved out of the way to transport streets and buildings back in time - aided by props and extras in costume. Numerous films and TV series have been filmed in Bath. As a local it can be fun to watch all the activity and guess what is being filmed. Just over a year ago fake snow was spread over some of the streets in Bath for the new Charlie and Chocolate Factory film which is expected to be released this year, "Wonka". Word soon spread that the actor Timothee Chalamet was in town which created a lot of excitement for the local school girls!

Filming took place at multiple locations this week. Extras were dressed up in period costume and horse and carriages were spotted in the city.

The security were adamant that it was not for the 3rd series of Bridgerton but as Lady Whistledown would say ... Dearest readers ... some of the locations they have filmed were key locations used in the 1st series, the extras on set were all in period costume and key cast members from Bridgerton have been spotted in the city! I shall let you draw your own conclusions!

The film crew have had great weather with blue skies and the local Bath stone glowing in the sunshine. The only drawback has been the cold which my fingers testified to when I cycled into the centre of Bath to get these shots for you!

I am looking forward to seeing Bath once again on the TV screen. If you are interested in seeing where movies and TV series were filmed do let me know when you are on tour with me as I often have some photos that I can show you!

Bridgerton film set in Bath
Filming today on one of Bath's charming streets

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