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Stonehenge - Coronavirus Update

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

*** UPDATE - 4TH APRIL ***

Yesterday Stonehenge announced that it will no longer re-open on May 1st as they had originally hoped. They have not given a new date for when they will re-open saying that they will open when Government advice permits them to do so. This is now the approach that many tourist attractions in the UK are taking.

I will send out a communication once they are open again :)


Stonehenge tour by Bath Insider Tours

Stonehenge has announced that it will temporarily close after business today. The site is expected to re-open on May 1st and depending upon the coronavirus situation - it may open earlier.

If you were hoping to visit Stonehenge - do not worry, it has stood for over 4,500 years and it will still be standing when this global epidemic has passed!

If you are currently in the UK and will not have another opportunity to return - it is possible to see Stonehenge from the road although you will not be able to get up close nor experience the Visitor Centre. Please contact me if you would like details.

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