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The Bath Jane Austen Festival

Hundreds of Jane Austen fans from around the world have descended upon the city of Bath to enjoy the 19th annual Jane Austen Festival. The festival is a celebration of all things related to Jane Austen with tours, dances and talks.

Jane Austen festival in Bath by Bath Insider Tours
Festival-goers promenading through the streets of Bath

The festival opens with a Regency Costumed Promenade which is truly a sight to behold as festival-goers dressed in their 18th Century costumes promenade through the streets of Bath behind the marching band of the 33rd Regiment of Foot. I was present at the promenade this year and took some videos (above) to give you an insight into this.

The festival lasts for 10 days so if you are in Bath during this time do not be surprised if you see people walking through the streets in costume! If you would like a photo of yourself next to someone in costume don't be shy - if you are polite and friendly then us Brits normally don't mind!

Jane Austen moved to Bath in 1801 which is why the city has a connection to her. Two of her books featured Bath - Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. If you would like to learn more, come on my Bath City Walking Tour. It is not a Jane Austen themed tour but you will get a great overview as well as my own connection with Jane Austen! To all this year's Jane Austen festival-goers - I hope you have a great festival and a great stay in Bath!

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