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Virtual Tours of Bath

Are you missing travelling? Wishing that you could be out exploring new destinations? Looking for ideas on places to visit when travel becomes possible or are you simply looking for something different to do during lockdown? If you answered yes to any of these questions I strongly recommend you read-on!

I have joined the Virtualtrips platform to give virtual guided tours of Bath - live - so that you can ask questions, take photos and see Bath in real-time from the comfort of your favourite chair! No travel restrictions to worry about, no compulsory mask-wearing, no social-distancing worries - just the anguish of what biscuit to have with your cup of tea! I have designed the tours to give you a great taster of Bath and they cover the city's famous landmarks with interesting stories about them and the city. Hopefully after watching one of these you will be tempted to visit when that becomes possible and these bite-sized tours will give you a great idea of what to expect on one of my face-to-face tours.

The great thing about the tours on Virtualtrips is that they are all free to watch. There is no registration fee, no adverts. During the tour you have the option to leave a tip - a bit like the free city walking tours you can find in many countries. A portion of the tip goes to Virtualtrips so that they can put on these tours across the globe and the rest goes to the guide to give them some much needed income during these coronavirus times. The number of tours on the platform are constantly expanding and cover fascinating destinations across the world so do take a look and check them out. I have already enjoyed watching virtual tours of some of the places that are on my bucket-list! Here is the link to my virtual tour of Bath where you can read more and sign-up to one of the tours. Once signed up, on the day just put the kettle-on, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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