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Visiting the Roman Baths in July and August

Roman Baths Spring Overflow by Bath Insider Tours
The Hot Springs Overflow at the Roman Baths

During the months of July and August the Roman Baths Museum will be open until 10pm. If you are visiting Bath during this time an evening visit to Bath's most famous attraction is a great way to avoid the main crowds as well as to soak up the atmosphere of the baths which are lit up in the evening with torches. There is even a pop-up bar which opens at 6pm allowing you to stroll around the baths with a glass of champagne or prosecco in hand!

The Roman Baths was considered to be the most important religious spa in Roman Britain. Today you can see the well-preserved remains of this spa along with exhibits which give a fascinating insight into what life was like back then.


If you book your Roman Bath tickets 24 hours in advance you will save 10% on the admission price and there is a drinks package (Carpe Noctem) which will save you £1 on a glass of prosecco!

Last entrance to the Roman Baths is at 9pm.


Start your afternoon in Bath with my Bath Classic City Tour. On this private walking tour you will get a great introduction to the city. I will show you Bath's famous landmarks and explain about the city's history and some of the city's famous individuals. The tour will finish around 5:30pm so after the tour you can head to a local pub for a drink or enjoy a meal at one of Bath's many restaurant's before heading over to the Roman Baths to enjoy a fascinating evening at this attraction. For more information on my Bath Tour please click here.

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